Roundup: Actively Learn

Actively Learn is a district-wide tool available to teachers and students. Elementary teachers and students will access Actively Learn through their Clever accounts while secondary teachers and students will access it through Classlink or directly from

As you might be looking for ready-made reading material or a place to upload content, Actively Learn might be the space and place you are looking for.  Here is a compilation of BNP posts that could help in getting started with Actively Learn.

Getting Started:

What is Actively Learn
Adding Secondary Students
Editing texts


Differentiating with Actively Learn
More on Differentiating with Actively Learn
Visual and Hearing accommodations
Supporting ELL students
Extra Help

Adding Content

Adding videos
Creating a text set

Teaching Strategies

Close Reading
Reveal student thinking 
Flipped Classroom
Book Club or Literature Circles

Independent Readers

Independent Reading Library
Student Goals
Research Project

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