Computational Thinking and Hour of Code

As schools gear up for Computer Science Week, we take a look at the role of computational thinking in the classroom and explore how Hour of Code activities can support its development.

Bell Ringer – Tech in Our First Classrooms

We take a minute to think back to the halcyon days of our first classrooms and the tech that was present.

Tech Talk – ISTE Standard Computational Thinking

We have a brief discussion about what ISTE Standard 5 – Computation Thinker means for the classroom, before launching into our discussion of Hour of Code.

Application Time – Hour of Code

Val walks us through getting started with Hour of Code and we all join in to discuss the value of Hour of Code activities.

Check out the great resources for Hour of Code here.

Show and Tell


Versal – Versal is an online platform for teaching. Versal is a new way for anyone to create interactive online learning experiences and share them with the world. From full courses to short lessons and homework assignments, people can create unique experiences for students and embed them virtually anywhere on the web.


Video Rotate & Flip – This app lets you flip and rotate video that is captured upside down or sideways. Really useful when you nail the lesson but not the video.


Canva – Canva is a web tool and iOS app that makes graphic design easy by allowing giving users access to templates, and a great library of art. Canva charges for use of some images but is otherwise free.


Ed Surge: Seattle Summit – Ed Surge is an Ed Tech company that is all about helping educators understand the vast array of ed tech tools and services available to them. To help bring vendors and educators together to build better tools, they host Tech Summits at different spots around the country. On December 2 and 3 they will be hosting a summit at Gibson Ek High School in Issaquah. Click on the link above for details.


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