The New Tools

The New Tools Logo 1Welcome to The New Tools podcast page.

Below are links to the show pages for each episode of The New Tools.

November 19 – Episode 1.1

This week we look back at our first big Aha Moments around using technology in the classroom. In our Application Time, we look at how OneNote can help teachers be better communicators, organize their planning and how it can help students improve their learning too.

December 2 – Episode 1.2

This episode Josh, Carrie and Tricia discuss the various ways they find new tech and also how iPads can be used by teachers and students to improve learning.

December 18 – Episode 1.3

This week, Josh, Carrie and Tricia discuss embracing failure with tech and how to create and use an effective web presence (including creating a firewall against excuses.) We also discuss tech and the holidays.

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