Our Team

Aly Rumberger

I am an Instructional Technology Specialist who is passionate about digital citizenship, multimodal literacies, and exploring school library media centers as instructional spaces. I'm thrilled to be part of such an innovative district that is working to support students in becoming global and equity-minded young citizens. You can reach me at: rumbergera@issaquah.wednet.edu and (425) 837-7138.

Diana Eggers

Joshua Moore

Instructional Technology Specialist. Enjoys being creative with technology and eager to chat with you about your ideas for reimagining learning in your classroom. Contact: (425) 837-7186 || moorej@issaquah.wednet.edu || @mooreTOSA

Kris Coleman

I'm an Instructional Technology Specialist and Health and P.E. Support Specialist in the Issaquah School District. I love working with teachers to implement technology into their classrooms and am especially excited about integrating technology in the Health and P.E. Curriculum. You can contact me in the following ways: email: colemank@issaquah.wednet.edu / phone: 425.837.7123 / twitter: @kmcclurecoleman

Rowena Duane

I am an Instructional Technology Specialist and specifically support Grand Ridge Elementary School, Cascade Ridge Elementary School and Clark Elementary School. Additionally I serve as the K-5 Elementary Math Specialist for the district. Contact: duaner@issaquah.wednet.edu and/or (425) 837-7135.

Stephanie Olson

I am an Instructional Technology Specialist supporting BLMS, PLMS, IMS, PCMS, and SHS. I love collaborating and working with teachers on how best to integrate technology into their curriculum to create a dynamic learning experience for students. I am very excited to be a part of such a dynamic team and innovative district. I look forward to learning more about the Microsoft world and how to integrate Teams and One Note into a classroom setting. I also hope to support my schools with my knowledge of iPad use in the classroom, Project/Problem Based Learning through the Innovative Designer lens, and exciting ways of meeting the ISTE standards. You can contact me at 425-837-7172 or email me at olsons@issaquah.wednet.edu.

Valerie Buck

Valerie is an Instructional Technology Specialist in a public-school system with 10 years of teaching experience in elementary and middle school classrooms. Teaching middle school math earned her Washington State PTA Outstanding Educator in 2014. Today she provides professional development to teachers with an emphasis on ISTE EdTech standards, digital citizenship, and computational thinking that is integrated into core curriculum. Contact her at buckv@issaquah.wednet.edu