Our Team

Aly Rumberger

Instructional Technology Specialist who is passionate about digital citizenship, multimodal and critical literacies, and school libraries. Excited to partner with you to support students in becoming innovative and equity-minded young citizens. Contact: rumbergera@issaquah.wednet.edu and (425) 837-7138.

Amanda Weinberg

Assistive Technology Specialist and Occupational Therapist

Carrie Reckling

ISD educator for 20+ years. 12 years in classroom as a secondary teacher, 7 years in building administration at the secondary level, and now serving as Instructional Technology Specialist.

Christin Bird

Diana Eggers

Joshua Moore

Instructional Technology Specialist. I enjoy being creative with technology and am eager to chat with you about your ideas for reimagining learning in your classroom. Contact: (425) 837-7186 || moorej@issaquah.wednet.edu || @mooreTOSA

Rowena Duane

Seth Adams

Instructional Tech Specialist. Some of my greatest joys come from talking to fellow educators about how we can teach and inspire out students.

Stephanie Olson

I am an Instructional Technology Specialist supporting LHS, CMMS, and MMS. I have a BA in English, MA in English, and a MA in Secondary Education; I taught middle school and high school ELA for 11 years before transitioning to a role in educational technology. I love collaborating and working with teachers on how best to integrate technology into their curriculum to create a dynamic learning experience for students. I also love showcasing how technology can engage students and bridge gaps by making content more accessible for all learners. I am very excited to be a part of such a dynamic team and innovative district.