Close Read with Actively Learn

Actively Learn

Here is a new way to use Actively Learn to develop complex Close Reading skills. First, duplicate an assignment. Then on each version, embed different notes and questions to support each round of reading. On round one, students can look for words they do not understand and define them as you read the text with them or they read alone. On round two, students can read on their own and focus on text-dependent questions and paraphrase sections as they read. In the final reading students can embed their own notes and questions and identify the author’s purpose. As students reread the text, they are deepening their understanding of the text and uncovering new information. For more on Close Reading with Actively Learn, check out their site.

To duplicate an assignment, from Edit, you can click “My Instruction” for the drop down menu then click the layered papers. Make sure to relabel the titles to match your purpose.

Tool Bits Click Here - Actively Learn

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