Jigsaw with Actively Learn


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One of the best parts of Actively Learn is the flexibility in assigning material to your students. You can choose to assign to individual students, small groups, or the whole class. This is a great feature to utilize for your next Jigsaw activity.

First, decide which articles you’d like to use or if you need to upload your own. Actively Learn often has text sets readily available such as “To Eat or Not to Eat?” which features five texts ranging from 7th-grade to 12th-grade reading levels. Instead of assigning all five texts to your class, break students into expert groups and assign them to a specific article. While reading they can annotate and virtually discuss with others reading the same article.

Next, they can then Jigsaw to share their summaries, notes they found interesting, and key ideas of their article. They can then work as a group to identify similarities and differences or compare the ways the texts discuss food safety.

Finally, they can write their own conclusion about food safety, present their findings to their class, or create a PSA for the school about safe food practices.

The Jigsaw activity could be completed with short stories, poetry, or videos. Consider making it a thematic Jigsaw related to classroom novels and assigning students to a variety of reading source types: primary sources, articles, poetry, short stories, videos, or related novel excerpts. Often these are just a click away as Actively Learn compiles units such as this for several novels.

The Jigsaw activity is just another way of using Actively Learn in your classroom. For more inspiration and ideas, check Actively Learn or continue to follow the BnP for bi-weekly Actively Learn posts.

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