Flipping the Classroom and Actively Learn

Time has become a precious commodity for classroom teachers, so more and more, the classroom is being flipped to provide more hand’s on learning during class and less direct instruction. A flipped classroom in a science class might require students to review a video on the periodic table in EdPuzzle, read an article on Actively Learn, or engage with vocabulary in a Wizer.me worksheet. The teacher can review student work before class and dive deeper into the content, clear up misconceptions, and move into a lab or hand’s on activity. 

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The goal of flipping the classroom is to shift from teacher-driven instruction (lecture) to student-centered learning (activities). Actively Learn is a great tool to help with this shift.

  1. Have students read a short story or an article to set the stage for a novel unit.
  2. Upload your own content that includes upcoming vocabulary.
  3. Utilize the newest feature and embed media to share lab instructions and procedures.
  4. Assign a current event article related to your classroom topic.

These are just some of the ways that Actively Learn help you flip your classroom and gain the commodity of time. For more on flipping your classroom check out this info from The University of Washington.

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