Episode 1.1

On our inaugural episode, we began by reaching back to try a recall our first memories of technology.

Tech Talk

We discuss our first memories of technology as children, including dot matrix printers, text based adventures and Oregon Trail.

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Application Time

In the Application, Carrie, Josh and Tricia share about how they use OneNote and give ideas about how teachers and students can start using OneNote.


Show and Tell

Show and Tell is a chance for Carrie, Josh and Tricia to share something they’ve been playing with lately. Check out what they shared below.


Instapaper – Instapaper is a platform and device agnostic reader, that will let you pull content from just about anyway on the web and gives you lots of options for how to read and interact with your various texts.


Padlet and En.Linoit – These are two web tools that allow users to collaborate in a shared space without having to create accounts and log in. Basically, you set-up a wall, and invite people to visit a URL and start working.



Paper and Notes – These are two great note taking apps. Paper is made by a Seattle company called 53 and lets you choose from a palette of writing tools and also has diagraming tools that make drawing shapes and connectors easy. Notes is the native iOS app and it has been dramatically improved with iOS 9.