Actively Learn for Visual and Hearing Accommodations

Dyslexia awareness

As teachers, we are often looking for technology to help us address the individual needs of our students or that offer easy to use support strategies for students with accommodations. Actively Learn can support students in a variety of ways. Students can choose specific sections of a text to have read aloud or even use the text-to-speech for entire section. A variety of voice options are available as well as the ability to adjust the read along speed. They can even choose to have words highlighted as they read.

Actively Learn also offers a Dyslexia setting that adjusts the font to making it easier to read. To find this feature open your assignment and click the Text setting icon. At the bottom is “Use Dyslexic Settings.” Other font and spacing modifications can be found here as well that allow a student to adjust space between text, font size, and font color. Students with visual impairments could find these features helpful.

In addition to visual and listening accommodations, you can still accommodate students by duplicating assignments and creating modified versions of an assignment. Then assign each version to the appropriate students. These are just a few more ways that Actively Learn can become a core tool in your classroom!

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