New Actively Learn Extra Help and Teacher Features

A beta version of suggested grading is now available. You can opt-in and it will suggest based on historical data of a similar question whether the answer is basic, proficient, etc.

Whiteout is now able to block out videos and photos with “White Out Above.” An eraser will appear in teacher view while students won’t see anything in its place. To restore the image or video, click the eraser and choose to restore.

Finally, the extra help feature is making a limiter option for multiple choice questions. When a student is identified as needing extra help it will automatically eliminate a multiple choice option when extra help is selected. To do this, choose “Options,” then “Add extra help.” The ability to add comments appears and now for multiple choice questions, a rocket icon will appear. This will then eliminate the multiple choice option for students identified for extra help.

If you find places where you would like to see improvements or make suggestions to Actively Learn they have both a Contact form and message system with a live support manager. As always, your Tech team is available for classroom support and collaboration.

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