Flipgrid Roundup: Getting Started

Are you interested in using Flipgrid as a way to communicate and engage students? We’ve got you covered. This roundup will outline the basics for getting started and offer a curation of links for more information. (For previous BNP posts on Flipgrid, click here).

Flipgrid Basics

  • Create a “grid” for your “classroom”
  • Share your classroom code with students
  • Within the grid, post “topics” (i.e. discussion prompts or activities) for students to respond to with voice and/or audio

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More Information on Getting Started

Quick Getting Started Guide

Flipgrid’s Remote Learning Guide

Want more? The Educator’s Complete Guide to Flipgrid

Important Things to Know

For students under 13 years of age, you must have parent consent before using Flipgrid:

Flipgrid’s Terms of Use

Flipgrid’s Consent Form

More Information on Consent and Terms of Use

Engaging Integration Ideas

New to Flipgrid? For ready-to-use ideas, discussion prompts, and activity ideas, visit:

Flipgrid’s Disco Library

Integration Docs

Still want more? Check out Flipgrid’s PD Webinars!

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  1. […] For more information on getting started with Flipgrid, click here! […]



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