Actively Learn


What is Actively Learn?

Actively Learn is an e-reading platform that improves students’ reading comprehension and retention by empowering teachers to reach students inside a text. Teachers can customize instruction, provide real-time feedback, allow peers to collaborate, and get analytics on student performance.
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Actively Learn has an online library of thousands of texts and Common Core-aligned lessons that both teachers and students can interact with in real-time. Teachers can assign preexisting Actively Learn materials to students or upload their own content, then track student responses and activity using the company’s data tools. Students can interact with a text by digitally highlighting and annotating, responding to embedded questions and content, and leaving feedback and comments for peers.

How do I access Actively Learn?

To access Actively Learn, visit if you are secondary teacher. If you are an elementary teacher you should login through clever.

How do I log into Actively Learn?

For secondary teachers:

The first time visiting Actively Learn, you will need to choose Teacher Sign-Up and then create an account using your ISD email address.

Username: ISD email address (e.g. –

Password: User defined

For elementary teachers

Simply login into Clever and then click on the Actively Learn tile. Follow the directions.

Helpful Hints

Actively Learn has a ‘student mode’ for teachers. This allows teachers to easily see exactly what students see. Switch to student mode by choosing ‘Switch to Student Mode’ found by clicking on your name in the upper right-hand corner of the dashboard.


Any piece of text that is on the web can be imported into Actively Learn. This is great for importing journal articles, primary documents and new stories.

PDFs import as pictures, so when creating assignments around a PDF you will only be able to embed questions at the end of a PDF. Consider, breaking a PDF up into individual pages and creating several assignments for one reading if you want questions inserted throughout a reading.

Workflows for Secondary

Getting Students Signed Up For Your Class
Using Actively Learn for a PD With Teachers

Where can I get help with Actively Learn?

Contact any of the Instructional Technology Specialists in the Ed Tech department. We are here to help.