Activate, Support, and Reveal student thinking with Actively Learn

Actively Learn strives to support students becoming stronger readers and increasing their higher-level thinking skills. They suggest the ASR framework to help engage student thinking.

When creating your assignment, adding the learning objective activates student thinking by supplying them with a focus. Then scaffolding with notes or media can support their thinking around complex ideas. 

While reading, engaging students with note-taking based on the objective encourages them to activate their thinking. They can also support their own learning by defining vocabulary with Actively Learn’s built-in dictionary. 

Students reveal their thinking when answering questions embedded in the text. Grading and giving immediate feedback can help to gauge where students are at, if they are on target, or offer advice for a chance to revise their response. Grading at least one question is a great way to clarify expectations of student work!

For more on the activate, support, and reveal framework, check out Actively Learn’s help site. 

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