Creating a Text Set in Actively Learn

While Actively Learn offers a variety of knowledge sets for ELA, Social Studies, and Science, you can also create your own text sets with your uploaded content. Do you have a few articles or some student samples that you’d like to share? Uploading them into your content will allow you to then create a text set. 

To create your own text set, begin with importing your own content either from Google Drive (allows for question embedding) or from a link (that great article you found from that site you love!) into the “My Imports” section. Once all the items are uploaded into your content you can begin creating your text set.

Choose the first article and on the three dots (lower-left corner of the tile) open the menu and choose “Merge assignment.” This will then allow you to select additional content to add to the merge (text set) again using the three-dot/merge option. When you have selected all your content click “Next” and rename the assignment to represent the text set. 

For more personalization, you can then add an image to the text set, choose the content type, and even an author. Now you are ready to assign the set to your classes.

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