Small Groups and Editing in Actively Learn

Actively Learn is continuing to make their platform more user-friendly for teachers. Just announced this week are the ability to create small groups as well as the ability to edit previously uploaded Google Docs.

First is the new small group function. Under “assignment settings” are two options: Reading settings and Small group settings. Both offer the ability to customize settings by assignment. When choosing “Small group settings” you then select the assignment you would like to create groups in. A new management screen pops open and allows you to determine how many groups you’d like, if you’d like to have groups randomized, or if you would like to assign each student to a group.

For those of you using Actively Learn for small group readings, book study groups, or differentiating for your students, this is just another feature that will make your class management more efficient!

Next is the ability to edit your uploaded Google Docs. If you are uploading content, it never fails that there is a minor error. In the past, you might have been able to white-out the error, but now you are able to edit it, right in Actively Learn and without having to re-upload the document.

First, select the assignment and choose “Edit.” You will have the edit icons available to you and will want to select the notepad as indicated here:

Actively Learn editing icons

You will then have the “Fix test errors” option available in addition to other options.

Actively Learn editing options

To fix text, it is as simple as highlighting and replacing the text. Note that if your text area is attached to a question, you won’t be able to edit that without removing the question first.

highlight text

More improvements with the Actively Learn platform. If you ever need help with features please check with your Ed Tech TOSA!

Actively Learn more tools


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