Online Learning & Tech Compensation

What is Tech Compensation?

Our ISD Tech Levy includes funding to compensate employees for technology training relevant to their position.

Certificated Staff: Each year participation in up to six hours of ISD approved technology training will be compensated at the per diem rate. Additional hours of ISD approved technology training will be paid at the professional rate.

ISD approved technology training includes:

  • Pre-approved face-to-face technology training; facilitated by the district or school
  • Online learning options listed below. Online learning is limited to a total of 21 hours annually (6 per diem, 15 in-service). The 6 per diem hours are only available if you have not used them for face to face training.

Para-pros: Para Pro Staff may participate in face-to-face tech training applicable to their position. Para-pros will complete the yellow classified staff compensation sheet. In addition, para-pros may participate in and receive compensation for Kyte Learning. Please click here for directions with Kyte Learning if you are a para- professional staff. More information about Kyte can be found here.

Other Classified Staff must get pre-approval from their supervisor prior to taking tech training for compensation. Once the training is complete the supervisor must sign the compensation sheet, then send to Admin/Ed Tech: Comp Request. You will need to sign into Staff Hub to access the electronic compensation sheet.

Online Learning Options for Certificated Staff

Certificated staff may participate in the self-paced online learning options below that are related to their position. Many of these are free, others require an enrollment fee. Any registration fee associated with the online learning is at the expense of the teacher/school. Staff members must have access to the Ed Tech tools explored during the training. In order to be considered for compensation the training must include attendance or completion verification from the provider.

Please note, hours must occur outside contract time. Hours are issued by school year beginning September 1 and ending August 31. Compensation sheets should be submitted as hours are incurred. The deadline to submit hours for the year is September 5.

Online Learning ProviderPre-approved TopicsAttendance Verification from the provider
Kyte Learning K-12 – all cert staff Free

More information on how to access Kyte
All courses and tutorials within Kyte LearningTo receive compensation teachers must submit their Kyte Learning log along with their compensation sheet. The report must include start/completed time. Hours must occur outside contract time.
ISD Facilitated Courses in CanvasVarious throughout the yearCompletion of course and all assignments within the course.
Canvas Certified Educator
6-12 cert staff Registration fee  
CORE 1: Foundational Frameworks – K12 (8 hrs)
CORE 2: Engagement Strategies – K12 (8 hrs)
CORE 3: Personalized Learning – K12 (8 hrs)
CORE 4: Transformational Practices – K12 (8 hrs)
To receive compensation teachers must submit certificate of completion along with their compensation sheet.
Microsoft Learning Paths
K-12 – all cert staff
Fostering a dynamic remote learning environment with student-centered tools

Continue the learning with Office365 and Windows

Continue the learning with digital classroom and student voice

Creating a digitally inclusive learning community

Creativity in the classroom

Getting started with Office365 and Windows

Inclusive Classroom Foundation (5 hrs)

Level up with Office365 and Windows (4.5 hrs)

Office365 Teacher Academy (11.75 hrs)

Presentation Design 101: How to create visual slides with impact (5 hrs)
Teachers must login to their district Office365 account when taking these courses.

To receive compensation teachers must submit their course completion certificate along with their compensation sheet.
Adobe Self-Paced Courses
K-12 – all cert staff

*includes an assignment for completion  
Cultivating Digital Literacy (3 hrs*)

Make posters with your students (1 hr)

Digital Storytelling in the Classroom with Adobe Spark (3 hrs)

Flipped Learning: Blended Learning for Your Class (3 hrs*)

Create Digital Images with Your Class (2 hrs*)
To receive compensation teachers must submit the digital badge and/or certificate indicating # of hours along with their compensation sheet.
Adobe Self-Paced Courses
Restricted – see below

Compensation restricted to teachers who teach courses which use the noted Adobe product; typically, elective or CTE classes. GE teachers may also take these courses to support student interest.
Design Graphics with your Students; Adobe Illustrator (3 hrs)

Make Impactful Social Videos with your Students; Adobe Premiere (5 hrs)

Digital Publishing with your Students; Adobe InDesign (3 hrs)
To receive compensation teachers must submit the digital badge and/or certificate indicating # of hours along with their compensation sheet.
Seesaw Pioneer

K-5 – all cert staff
Seesaw Pioneers are beyond the Seesaw basics and are ready to take the next step to learn and connect within a supportive professional learning environment. (1 hour)To receive compensation teachers must submit the digital badge and/or certificate indicating # of hours along with their compensation sheet.

Get the Forms to Get the Pay

First, Check Your Tech Hours to determine whether you submit for per-diem or in-service compensation. Each year, teachers receive compensation at the per-diem rate for the first six hours of technology training. Additional approved training, whether online or in person, is paid at the in-service rate.

Next, complete a compensation form. (Hours from 2020/21 must be submitted on the paper comp forms which can be found in your school office)

Finally, email the appropriate attendance verification noted in the table above for your learning option to Carolyn (Jodie) Warren –

Payroll has updated its requirements for emailed attestations (in lieu of signatures on forms). When you are submitting an attestation with your form, please use the below guidelines:

I, (Insert name) attest that my electronically attached Request for Compensation for (identify the work done) for a total of (number of hours) during the time of (insert start and end dates from form) is true and correct.

This is just a model so it could be simplified to “I (Insert name) attest that my comp form for Training Name for X hours on date is true and correct.” If there were multiple dates it could change to “worked on date and date or worked in date 2020”.

Send to: Admin: Ed Tech – Compensation or email

If you have questions about the process please email Jodie Warren @

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