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The Educational Technology Department is excited to offer an optional professional development opportunity to all Issaquah staff members!  Join us for the Tech Kickoff on Friday, August 26, 2016, from 8:00 AM-3:30 PM.  Our conference sessions will cover topics and technologies like ActivInspire, Connect, Skyward, Google, iPads, Podcasting, Infographics, BYOD, Blending Learning, Coding, Office Products, and Next Lab. This year we have grouped the sessions by strand and added sorting for TPEP evaluation criteria, new and refreshed courses, and 21st century skills. The event will take place at three locations: Liberty High School, Maywood Middle School, and Briarwood Elementary.

Interested in learning more? 

Browse through course descriptions and sort classes by strand, location and/or time online here.

Interested in registering for the conference? 

Visit our class registration software, PD PlaceSpace is limited and participants are responsible for registering themselves for the conference and selecting the sessions they will attend. Attendees are required to be current ISD employees and have a contract for the 2016-2017 school year.  Up to six clock hours are available and can be paid for after registering for the conference.  Kindly register by August 22, 2016.  Need help registering? 

Visit the PD Place Information site.

Featured Class – Infographics

One of the new classes we are offering this year is creating infographics with students (you know those eye catching, information-rich visuals you see everywhere from USA Today to your local library, that make you feel smart after reading them.)

Annie Tremonte, a humanities teacher at PCMS has been creating infographics with her students for the last couple of years. At Tech Kickoff, she will share what she has learned, and help you get started on helping your students show what they’ve learned in new ways.

Check out why she thinks infographics are a great for students to show their learning.

App Price Drops by Apple Sliced

Looking to get some apps and don’t want to spend any money? Allow me share my favorite way to get the best deal possible!

App Price Drops is an app and companion website that  that alerts you when a paid app changes price or becomes FREE. The site values price transparency and tracks app prices over time. They will give you a recommendation to buy or wait based on their analytics for any app on the App Store. 

Using the site I noticed the Everyday Math Apps were frequently free. I knew I wanted to use them with my classes so  I set an alert and purchased them when the free window arrived. 

Here is an example of the price information that may view for each app:

app price changes

Read Write Think

Ed Tech Tours - Web Tools

Read Write Think is a site brought to you by the International Literacy Association and the National Council of Teachers of English, on the website you will find free evidence based and classroom tested lesson plans that coordinate with the mobile apps, student interactives, and printouts.  You may search for materials based on grade level or theme. Watch the video to learn more about the resources available from and preview one of our favorite student interactive tools Trading Card Creator.


Character Lab

character lab logo

Character Lab funds and supports research from academics and educators to build a growing body of evidence for character. 

Teachers interested in short videos, free printable classroom posters, and tips for teaching character skills necessary for school success should check out Character Lab. The non-profit is made up of a small team of researchers, designers, and educators and have three main goals:

  • Discover the ideas and strategies that build character.
  • Translate those good ideas to useful products.
  • Assist people who work with students do what the research says is best.

character lab




New Atomic Learning reporting process


Last week viewing of Atomic Learning for compensation purposes was suspended due to a change in the Atomic Learning reports. While their reporting system is still not ideal, we have developed a new process for submitting compensation requests for viewing Atomic Learning tutorials.

The instructions can be found on Connect at:

Click on the “Directions” tab to download instructions for Classified or Certificated staff.

 Please remember – tutorials for certificated staff that qualify for compensation can be found under “My Training>Recommended Training” OR “Issaquah Tutorials.”

Gamify Civics w/a little help from Justice O’Connor

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.43.00 PM.png

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor may have retired from the Supreme Court, but she has not withdrawn from public life.

In retirement, she started a non-profit called iCivics, that is dedicated to reinvigorating civic learning through interactive and engaging learning resources.

Over the last four years, their website has been adding civics related games and resources for teachers to bring the importance of an active citizenry to life.

There are a dozen plus games that range in time to play from 15 to 45 minutes. Topics include branches of government, government budgeting, voting, and,

My favorite was a game called Win the Whitehouse, which teaches users about the presidential nominating process, by giving them a chance to run for president.

It’s all free, and the games can be leveled based on elementary, middle or high school.

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.16.03 PM