Cool Bits: A Little Perspective


The Death Star correctly scaled, looming over Florida.

Perspective is always a good thing.

YouTuber, Kevin Wisbith, has been creating videos that take large things (like skyscrapers, Space Shuttles, extinct animals, etc.) and placing them in scaled pictures of other things. The results are fascinating and fun.

He recently shared some of the images he created on Imgur. Check out a few of our favorites below.


If the HMS Titanic were dropped on top of a Nimitz Class aircraft carrier, there would be 210 feet of deck to spare. 


The world’s largest oil tanker in the middle of Central Park.


The Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower) inside the Mir Mine in Russia.

The exercise also seems like it has great potential for a class project that utilizes tools such as Photoshop (or Pixlr, an web-based free Photoshop-like tool) or apps like Photoshop Mix that let you superimpose photos on top of other photos.

Save the Date

ITP 2017 Launch Poster.jpg

We are excited to announce that we will be doing ITP  Launch again this year.

ITP Launch is a chance for teachers curious about ITP, and about how to make their applications stronger to come and learn about ITP and the application process.

Attendees at ITP Launch will learn what ITP is all about, and all the great things the program has to offer. Additionally, teachers at ITP Launch will get tips and tricks for making a formidable application.

This year we are offering Launch on two different dates.

Our first launch will be on November 8, with a meeting for secondary (3:15 – 4) and a meeting for elementary teachers (4:30-5:15.) Our second Launch will be on December 12, with a meeting for secondary teachers at 3:15 and a meeting for elementary teachers at 4:30.

Interested in finding out more about ITP? Click here.

For questions about ITP Launch (or just about ITP) please email Joshua Moore.


16-17 Tech Pay Tracker is Live

Check out how much tech pay you’ve earned in the 2016-2017 school year by using our handy, dandy Tech Pay Tracker.

Click here or on the patch to the right to be taken to a spreadsheet that lists all teachers and each of the tech classes or trainings they have taken.

We will continue to update it throughout the year (though it usually takes us a few weeks to process so if you took a class yesterday…)

Check out the Tech Pay Tracker page for an explanation of pay in the ISD and for a couple of tips on using the Tech Pay Tracker.

Cool Bits: Lego Drones

Drones seem to be everywhere these days.

The people at Flybrix thought that pairing drone building with Legos a perfect fit to capture creativity and development of engineering principles in kids and adults alike.

For about $150, Flybrix sells a kit of Legos and drone parts that can attach to Lego sets. Users can choose to control their builds with an app on their phone, or for a little more get an analog remote control that pairs with the Flybrix circuit board.

home-hero-product-imageLegos are a staple in STEM and STEAM education, so this looks like a great way to add to your teaching tool box.

We imagine this will also be a big gift request in December, so if you have a tinkerer on your shopping list, get on board soon.

Find out more at*

*Please note that ISD is not currently funding purchase of Flybrix.

Welcome Back


At Bits & Pieces we are excited to start another year supporting all of your educational technology needs. To help you navigate both The BNP and the bigger waters of educational technology, we’ve put together this handy guide to all things Bits and Pieces. Read on to find out all that it can do.

To begin with, you can check out this video introducing our Educational Technology Department staff.


Using Bits & Pieces

If this is your first time to Bits & Pieces, watch this tour to find out about all the stuff we do here. We also created a page of quick tips for getting the most out of The BNP.

Follow Us (Win an iPad for your class)

We update Bits & Pieces all the time. It can be hard to keep up with. To make keeping up easier, we have enabled a ‘follow’ feature which will send an email to your ISD inbox each time we update (or you can choose to get a digest version.)

In fact, we want you to follow us so bad, we are giving away a classroom iPad to one teacher who has ‘followed’ us by October 14.  For details on our ‘Follow Drive’ and to learn how to follow us, read up here.

The New Tools Podcast

In addition to a variety of supports and resources available on ISD tech (see below on finding ISD tech resources) we also have a fortnightly podcast called The New Tools. It is a conversation about using technology in the classroom that is available through iTunes and Stitcher. We just posted our Back to School episode, check it out while you drive go or go out for a run.


Finding Tech Resources

The start of a new school year is always exciting, action-packed and often, there is little time to stop and avail ourselves of all the resources and tools at our disposal. To help you take notice of, and find some of those resources, Bits and Pieces, has created introductions to essential ISD tech resources and tools that will help you in creating powerful learning experiences for your students.

Click on the patches below to be taken to an introduction page for that tool or resource. In addition to helping you become familiar with the resources, these introductions will also direct you to supports that will help you learn and implement these tools, find out who to ask for help and provide some helpful hints for using the tools effectively.





Issaquah School District works hard to provide resources to you and also to make sure you are paid for your time. In order to help you know what you’ve been paid for we created the Tech Pay Tracker. Click on the patch below to find out about being paid for tech training and also to access the Tech Pay Tracker.

As more and more of our curriculum is moving into the digital sphere, managing passwords and remembering links has become harder. To help secondary teachers and students more easily manage all of the resources and passwords, ISD has turned to Classlink, an online tool and desktop application that connects you to the resources you need and evens puts in the passwords for you. Click on the path below to learn more about how Classlink can help.


We also know that finding out about training opportunities can sometimes be difficult. To help with that we have created an tech training calendar. You can access it by clicking on the patch below. Additionally, every Friday, we will have a post that highlights tech training opportunities coming up soon. Look for the patch or check the calendar to keep up on the latest opportunities for growth and support.









Win an iPad for your classroom


We’re having a drawing to give a classroom iPad to a lucky teacher this month. Read on to find out how you can be entered into the drawing.

Bits & Pieces is becoming a more powerful resource for teachers all the time. However, keeping up with all of the new stuff we are putting on the blog and website can be hard.

We have a feature that will send an email right to your inbox every time we update (you can also choose to get a digest of updates.)

We think this is pretty swell. Most of us are checking our email throughout the day, so getting a little update on what’s happening over at Bits & Pieces seems like a good fit.

We want all of you to be aware of what we’re doing at Bits & Pieces, so we decided to have a little drive to get people signed-up to receive email updates. Each ISD teacher that signs-up to receive email updates from our blog will be entered into a drawing for an iPad to be used in your classroom (if you’ve already signed up, you’ve been entered.)

The ‘Follow Drive’ will run until October 14 and we will announce the winner Monday, October 17 on The BNP (and we will notify the winner directly.) The winner will be drawn at random from a list of each person who has successfully signed up to follow Bits & Pieces by October 14.

So to wrap up, to be entered in the contest for the iPad:

  1. Follow Bits & Pieces using your school district email.

  2. Winner will be drawn from anybody who is following Bits & Pieces by October 14.

  3. Winner will be notified on October 17.

Spread the word!

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Click on the Follow Button that should appear at the bottom of the page…


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Finally, go to Outlook and confirm your ‘follow’ to be entered.


*You can also find a  Follow Button in our Widgets (click on the Gear button.)

GradeCam Go on Atomic Learning

grade cam

There is a new video series on Atomic Learning for Issaquah teachers to learn how to print and scan district common assessments and create their own assignments in the revamped GradeCam Go. The videos include an overview which includes a summary of new features, how to navigate GradeCam Go, printing and scanning forms, and how to create your own assignments. The videos  are under the “Issaquah Tutorials.”

View Series in Atomic Learning