Supports For Using Seesaw at School And at Home

Seesaw is an Issaquah School District (ISD) supported tool available to teachers and students. Elementary teachers and students at school can access Seesaw for Schools (Seesaw’s paid school service) through their Clever accounts or by using the class QR code in the Class App  and at Secondary teachers and students can access Seesaw’s free service through the Class App and at All  students at any grade level can also use Home Learning Codes, which is a new feature Seesaw has added to help connect students to their Seesaw classes from home.

If you are looking for a platform for students to show their learning in a digital portfolio, assign learning opportunities, and to communicate with families, Seesaw is a great way to facilitate that at school or from home.  Here are some resources to get you started

Step One:  Getting started

If you are using Seesaw for the first time or feel like you need a fresh start, begin with Seesaw’s Getting Started Guide. This guide gives you a quick-start tutorial covering the basics for accessing Seesaw as a teacher and a student. Remember that if you are a k-5 teacher in ISD, you do not need to create classes.  They have already been created for you.  Log into your Seesaw account by going to or through the Class App using your district email address and a password of your choosing.

Step 2: Getting Students Connected At Home.

Create a supportive home learning environment for your students by connecting them to their Seesaw classes thought the Class App or on the web at  There are a number of ways to get connected, however, for ISD students, here are the two most effective ways:

Method 1: K-5 students – Logging in through Clever on the web or through the app.

Click here if you need to know how to log into Clever.

Here is a quick video showing students how to access their Seesaw Classes though Clever


Method 2: Any ISD student – Using teacher provided Home Learning Codes 

Teachers have a new way to help students get access to Seesaw from home.  These Home Learning Codes can be downloaded and sent attached in a Seesaw announcement or via direct email to your student’s family.  This is a unique code for each student and is different from the class QR code and the Family QR code.  Check out this Home Learning Code For Teachers resource from Seesaw.

How-To For Teachers: Get Started With Home Learning Codes

Also, Teachers can share this video with their students to help them and their families log into Seesaw with the Home Learning Codes:


*   Please Note: Having Students Comment On Others’ Journal Posts:

A powerful feature in Seesaw is having students comment on each other’s posts with positive or constructive feedback and praise. However, logging in at home means that the “Students can see each others work” feature is turned off to protect student privacy.   If teachers want students to respond on a peer’s post, they must tag all students before approving the post to go live in the Seesaw Class Journal. This will allow any other student to see that post and comment if the commenting feature is enabled.

Step 3: Find, Customize, or Create Learning Activities

Activities are like learning prompts that can be assigned to a student, a group of students, or all students in the class.  One of the links below teaches about how to find, save, edit or create Activities.  The other link is a compilation of grade level activities that may work well in a home learning environment.  The Activities can be used by teachers without changing or they can be saved, and then edited or customized to the teachers needs.  Teachers might also be inspire to create their own.

Creating And Using Seesaw Activities

Sample Activities By Grade Level

Supports For Students and Families using Seesaw:

Seesaw has developed some home learning supports to help students and families learn how to log in and use the different features in Seesaw. The link below has videos on how to get connected and make a post either directly or by completing assigned Activities.  There is also a Learning Tool Sequence list of videos to help students use seesaw to take a photo, add voice, make a video, make a drawing, write a note and upload a link. Check it all out here:

Get Students Started With Seesaw

If teachers have more questions about Seesaw, this FAQ might help. Or contact anyone in the ISD EdTech Department.  They are happy to be of assistance.

Remote Learning With Seesaw: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to go further with Seesaw click below to find previous blog posts.

Happy Seesawing!

Tool Bits Click Here - Seesaw



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