More on Differentiating with Actively Learn

Actively Learn offers several ways for classroom teachers to differentiate for their students in order to increase text comprehension and student engagement. 

First, the extra-help tool offers additional support by identifying students who need extra help in the class roster with just a click. When creating questions or comments, the teacher can add the extra-help option with more guidance, links, suggestions, etc. Only students that are checked will see these additional supports. 

Another way to support students is to make additional assignment versions for your different student groups. When in the editing screen, you will have the option called “My Instruction” in the upper right corner. From here you can edit the Actively Learn copy, your own version or duplicate a copy. Here is where differentiation in action can take place. Duplicate a copy for students who may become distracted from additional content and information. With the new copy, use the white-out option to eliminate unnecessary information. This can help your struggling students focus on what is important and still participate in classroom conversations or answer text comprehension questions. 

You then have the option of creating small groups in your class settings. Adding students to specific groups will help when assigning specific texts. What is great is when students open their assignments on their device, they will have the text that best supports them without it being obvious to anyone else. Actively Learn makes classroom definition easy and socially supportive for students.  Check out past posts for more on differentiating in your class.

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