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Build Tech Skills Through Peer Teaching

John Barry Elementary in Meriden, CT recently began using peer teaching to promote tech skills in there school. Watch the video below to learn how they did it and to see the results.


Gamify Your Digital Citizenship

Do your students love to play games? Why not capitalize on their interest and offer some engaging learning about Digital Citizenship. Here are a few options for the classroom. Google's Be Internet Awesome: "Helping kids be safe, confident explorers of the online world." Students take on Interland and explore different worlds: Reality River where they ...


Common Sense Media

  Common Sense Media is a one-stop shop for Digital Citizenship resources to use in your classroom, and a great one to share with families. Find lesson plans, parent letters, handouts, posters, and videos to help you create a comprehensive dig cit learning experience. Use the online scope and sequence to view lessons by grade band or ...


Welcome to Digital Citizenship Week

This week is Digital Citizenship Week! Take a minute to explore the ISTE Student Digitial Citizen Standard and what it means to be a good citizen in the digital age. The ISTE Digital Citizen student standard has four components: A. Students cultivate and manage their digital identity and reputation and are aware of the permanence of their actions in the ...