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3 Tips To Help Get Students Coding In Your Classroom By Common Sense Education

Common Sense Media's Education site is a great resource for teachers looking for lesson plans, ed-tech reviews and teacher strategies.  As a part of Computer Science Education Week (December 4-8), they have put a great resource, including a video and tip sheet that explains 3 ways to help get your students coding in your classroom.  ...

ISTE’s List of 10 Fact- and Bias-checking sites.

Continuing with November's Ed Tech theme of focusing on the ISTE student standard of Knowledge Constructor, indicator (3B) says that students should be able to "evaluate the accuracy, perspective, credibility and relevance of information media, data or other resources." In March, 2017, ISTE posted a list of its top ten sites to help students check facts ...


The PE Geek Gives 3 Great Ways To Capture Student Achievments And Results

Whether you are a health and physical education specialist or a general education teacher you may be searching for ways to quickly track student results.  Technology integration in health and physical education has long been championed  by Australia's Jarrod Robinson, who is known throughout the online community as "The P.E. Geek".  In his blog, Jarrod ...


Cool Bits – Science Wars: An Accapella Parody

Lord Ernest Rutherford, the Nobel prize winning New Zealand physicist, once said there is only two types of science, "Physics" and "Stamp Collecting".  YouTubers, asapScience have a unique way of explaining which science genera they think is the best. Enjoy!