Teach Digital Citizenship Creatively

Looking for an engaging way to teach your elementary students about digital citizenship? Look no further! Our friends at Common Sense Education have created three digital books on Book Creator’s platform that brings their curriculum to life.

These books can be viewed online by clicking here! No account required. Read on for information about how to add these digital citizenship books to your own Book Creator library and customize them for your students.   

What is Book Creator?

Book Creator is a digital publishing platform that is highly engaging and creative. On Book Creator, students can create books from scratch or use templates. By adding text, images, drawings, and more – students can publish for a specific audience and explore the text features of specific genres.

Book Creator accounts are free, and can house up to 40 books as a time (so, think a unit or two of writing). As a teacher, you can use your Microsoft credentials to create an account and log in.

To invite your students to create on Book Creator (if you choose to use this resource beyond the digital citizenship books), we suggest adding a link to your Clever teacher page, and providing students with the “invite code” so they can begin publishing their own books!  

Accessing Common Sense Education’s Digital Books

Visit this resource page to find the digital books that Common Sense Education has created specifically for Book Creator.

So far, there are three books that target our early learners available. Check them out! The books are as follows, and align to a component of the digital citizenship curriculum for that grade level.

Click “Remix” to add each book to your own class library! You could view the book as a class and incorporate the turn and talk opportunities, while filling in the text boxes as you discuss collaboratively. This is a fun, interactive way to teach the Digital Citizenship lessons to students and ensure that they’re receiving an introduction to key content and have time to process the information.

Because Book Creator allows students to view the books that others in the class have created, students could also read the digital citizenship books independently!

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