Rethinking Class Newsletters With Seesaw

Do you spend an hour or more creating a class newsletter to inform your families about the goings on in your class?  Do you wonder if your families are even seeing or reading your newsletters?  Would you like to save time, get out important information about your class and know who has and hasn’t received this information?  Then rethink your class newsletter with Seesaw.

Here are just a few options you have to create dynamic, engaging newsletters in less time in Seesaw.

Take a Picture, Tap The Mic, and Start Talking:

With just two simple tools in seesaw you can show the great things that are going on in your class and use your voice to explain it all. Sometimes that might be you taking one picture of something that was happening in your classroom.  Then, you can use the Mic tool to record your voice, explaining all the great learning that has gone on in the class for the week.  For a minute, or 90 seconds – just explain and share.

Use The Notes Tool:

By using the “Notes” tool in Seesaw, you can keep it simple with plain text and give some main bullet points about the class learnings. The thing that is great about using this method is that when you type text in Notes it can be translated into the home language of your families.  There are over 50 different languages that your Notes newsletter can be translated.  Check out more info about how translation works in Seesaw, including a list of all the languages they support, here.

How does translation work in Seesaw?

Create a Multi-Page Sharing With Photos And Voice

With Seesaw’s new Multi-Page feature, you can use a few pictures of the class, upload them all at once and they will be automatically inserted on to individual “Pages”.  From there you can add your voice to each page, again giving the information you want your families to know about your class.

Let your Students Take Over:

Help your students take ownership of their learning by having them tell the news in Seesaw.  They can be the ones who take the pictures and record their voice.  They can type the note with important points.  You can even let them take it to a whole new level by letting them app smash (creating in one digital application and posting it in Seesaw) with green screens (DoInk) or infographic tools (Adobe Spark).  The possibilities are endless.  And imagine the engagement you will get from the parents.

So, if you are looking for new ways to get the information out about your class learning, think about the endless possibilities that Seesaw can do for your newsletters.  If you want to learn more, the Community Lead at Seesaw, Angela Gadkey (@MrsGadkey), has a great PD-In-Your-PJs video use seesaw to make your class newsletter.  Check it out!

Rethink your Newsletters

Tool Bits Click Here - Seesaw

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