100 Ways Students Use Seesaw






Seesaw is a terrific way for teachers to showcase student academic growth, strengthen the home/school connection, and educate students about digital citizenship in authentic ways.  But there is so much more that you can do with Seesaw and the challenge is to continue to find authentic ways that students can showcase their learning.  Seesaw has come up with a list of 100 ways to use Seesaw.  Some of the ideas listed may be something you are already doing, but I bet there are plenty of new ideas to help spark a different way to post in Seesaw.  Here is a list of ten that might pique some interest.


  • Share Writer’s Workshop stories with voice recording

  • Record thinking to solve a math problem

  • Demonstrate a new skill

  • Post an illustration then write and tell about it

  • Record an interview with an expert and post it

  • Set goals. Update progress every week. Cheer Successes

  • Listen to stories from peers around the world via Seesaw Blogs

  • Build, test, redesign. Capture the process and reflections

  • Voice record a book reading.

  • Add Seesaw QR codes to those books for others to scan and hear

  • Capture skills during Physical Education

The rest can be found on the Seesaw Help Center website.  The great thing about this list is that Seesaw has made each idea into a flashcard format for printing and using with your students. Check it out here and happy Seesaw-ing

100 Ways Students Us Seesaw

New to Seesaw?  Kyte Learning has a great Seesaw video tutorial.

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