Digital Citizenship Week: Coming Soon!

October 17-21 is Digital Citizenship Week! As Common Sense Education reminds us, digital life is real life because our world is connected. This year, the focus of Digital Citizenship Week is on promoting digital well-being. Just as we support social and emotional learning in face-to-face situations, it is equally important that students are equipped with the skills needed to navigate online communication, information, and relationships.  

Here is a week-long calendar of suggested activities. Many include a 15-minute minilesson, and corresponding resource to share with families (English and Spanish versions available)! Check it out here

What is Digital Citizenship?

With our new 1:1 initiative in Issaquah, it’s important that we all own digital citizenship and ensure that these concepts and skills are integrated into our daily practices.  

Common Sense Education has six main themes that encompass their digital citizenship curriculum: 

  • Media balance and well-being 
  • Privacy and security 
  • Digital footprint and identity 
  • Relationships and communication 
  • Cyberbullying, digital drama and hate speech 
  • News and media literacy 

Click here to watch an introductory video from Common Sense Education!

What Can Digital Citizenship Look Like?

In primary grades, an example of digital citizenship (news and media literacy) might entail teaching students to take a critical eye to images and discuss how not all images are real. For example, students could look at a photo database and choose one that seems fake, one that’s real, and one that they’re unsure about to discuss how images might be altered. 

In intermediate grades, media balance and well-being are critical, so students might map out where technology fits into their day, and what components of their day should be media free to ensure a healthy, positive balance. 

Other Resources and Support:

Common Sense Education has put together curated conversation starters that you can share with families/caregivers to extend and explore these concepts at home and ensure that students have a healthy media balance. Click the links below to access the resources that you can share with your community: 

Other resources that you might find helpful are:  

As always, if you are seeking support in teaching digital citizenship concepts to your students, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Ed Tech TOSA! We would love to help. 


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