Time to Update

office 2016

Make sure you have access to all of the great Office 2016 features such as Office Mix and One Drive. Ask your Tech Specialist to update your computers ASAP!

Tech Kickoff will be a BYOD event and many of the courses offered will utilize features available only in Office 2013 or 2016. If you are currently running on 2010, update now.

Access School Dude here to submit a request for your Tech Specialist.

Code.org Workshop 2/4


Saturday, February 4th at Issaquah Valley Elementary from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm there is a FREE workshop for K-5 teachers to learn how to implement Code.org’s elementary curriculum into their classrooms. Issaquah teachers are eligible for 6 clock hours and 6 hours of tech compensation. Sign up Here or on PD Place.













You Requested…. Recap Delivered


Recap gives teachers a fun new way to collect video evidence of their students’ learning. We mentioned this app in November’s blog post Five Ways to Summarize Student Learning,  and would like to share some updates Recap made to improve your experience.

First, how does Recap work? Teachers create written or video question(s),  for students to respond to using Andriod or iOS  apps. Student video responses, which may be set between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, are collected through the student app. As student videos are submitted, teachers may view them on a desktop computer.  The prompts and  videos are compiled into a Daily Review Reel. Both the individual responses, and the class compilations may be shared with others via email, a web link, or may be posted directly to Twitter.

Click the image below to play an example Review Reel! daily-review-reel

Two features that were frequently requested are now available for teachers:

  1. Until recently, the  Daily Review Reel automatically pulled a random sample of student responses and did not have a way for teachers to edit. Recap added an edit feature for your  Review Reels so that you may modify the clips for various reasons. Teachers may select students they would like to highlight and choose to include graphics or music for each of their Daily Reels.

Edit Review Reel.PNG

2. Prior to the update, Recaps due dates were limited to a maximum of 2 weeks after you assigned it. Teachers may now select any due date from a calendar offering more flexibility around due dates.


Interested in trying this out with your class? Create your account here: https://app.letsrecap.com/login 

Contact your Ed Tech Lead or your  Instructional Technology Specialist for support. http://connect.issaquah.wednet.edu/intranet/technology/ 

Disney’s Moana joins Hour of Code

This year Disney’s Moana joins Hour of Code with a drag and drop visual tutorial great for ages 8 and up. The self-paced tutorial does require some reading, and is available in 23 languages. The introductory video sets the stage and challenges participants to help Moana and her team discover the new world of coding, and to help defeat the Kakamora on their journey!


For a complete list of Hour of Code tutorials,  go to the Code.org website and select options that suit your needs using the FILTER BY categories available this year.

If you do not have technology in your classroom you may still participate with Moana, Disney published some great handouts to help you teach loops and conditionals in an engaging way that does not require any tech. See pages 44-47 of the workshop guide.

23 lang.PNG

On the Moana tutorial, you have the option of selecting different languages at the left bottom corner of the screen. 


Five Ways to Summarize Student Learning

We all know it is important to take time and summarize student’s learning at the end of a lesson, but if your classroom is like many the time runs short and you scramble to fit it in…or put it off for later. Here are five fantastic tools that help students summarize their learning you will not want to skip.


  1. Recap is a tool for collecting video responses to questions posed by the teacher (typed or video recorded). Collect student responses at the end of class and the program will generate a video called the “daily review reel” that you may share.
  2. Kahoot! is a student favorite and works well for group or BYOD situations. Teachers create a short quiz that is projected on the screen. Students play the game with their own device selecting the icon that matches the correct answer. Kahoot! just announced that Jumble  is coming soon. In Jumble mode students will put things into the correct sequence. While you wait for this feature to become available, check out the Ghost Mode where students play against an earlier score, sounds like a pre and post test with a side of FUN!image
  3. Relax and reflect with a video that you or a student creates during the lesson using Magisto. Grab an iPhone or iPad and take pictures of students digging into their work. Once you have up to 10 pictures and videos open the Magisto app and upload your media (this takes mere seconds) and choose a theme. Carry on with your lesson and wait for the notification that your video is ready. The video is a great way to close your lesson and walking around taking photos and videos is a great way to check-in with students. Below is an example video created with Magisto of students playing Kahoot!
  4. Embrace the old school Post It note with a 21st Century twist. Have students write a  reflection on Post It notes (or a square piece of paper) and then instead of collecting those scraps of paper have them post them one spot (any wall or table will do) where you can take a quick shot of them through the app PostIt PlusAfter you capture all the notes, you may sort/group them and share the collection.1000px-color_post_it-svg
  5. Use Lino, a digital cork board, for students to create sticky notes or images and post to your virtual and shareable display. The site allows you to create boards that may be shared through a URL for students to collaborate, reflect, and share ideas. The notes could be color coded for different table groups, opinions, categories, or different levels of understanding. 7074220355_6961cb44d5_b

What is your favorite digital lesson summary? Send your thoughts to techtraining@issaquah.wednet.edu and we may feature your class on our blog.