Book Creator

Want to make books for your students to read? Book Creator is an online or iOS program that you may use to create your own stories. Here is one I created on keeping our laptops clean and safe. My Laptop
book creator settings
Each teacher gets 1 library with 40 books for free when you sign in at, Issaquah teachers may use their Office 365 credentials to create an account. The individual books you create may be shared with an embed code or copy and paste a URL into a lesson on Seesaw, Teams, or to your Clever teacher page.
When students open your book they have the option to have the book read aloud even if you did not include your own voice media. Readers may also select settings for highlighting words, changing the speed, and voice it is read with.
If you want to create a bunch of books, it is possible to publish your whole library online. You have control over who has access to the library with that you choose before posting and an option to add a password. 

library onlineWant to learn more? Check out the Kyte Course for Book Creator.

book creator






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