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Valerie is an Instructional Technology Specialist in a public-school system with 10 years of teaching experience in elementary and middle school classrooms. Teaching middle school math earned her Washington State PTA Outstanding Educator in 2014. Today she provides professional development to teachers with an emphasis on ISTE EdTech standards, digital citizenship, and computational thinking that is integrated into core curriculum. Contact her at


GradeCam App: Mobile Grading

      Have you ever wanted to grade an exit ticket before your students even leave your classroom? Or allow students to revise their work before they turn in an assignment? Imagine walking around your classroom with smartphone in hand grading assignments as students are diligently working away. The app works the same way as ...


Quizizz: Gamified Classroom Quizzes

Quizizz is a tool that gives students real time feedback on vocabulary, unit review material, reading comprehension checks, exit tickets, concept introduction, and more. It may be used with different devices since it is a web-based program and would be ideal in a BYOD classroom. Students are engaged with a funky avatar, immediate feedback, and ...