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Clever is the one-stop-shop for our elementary students to access apps and programs used in their classrooms. Customizing your Teacher Page will simplify the experience for our students will help organize their work.

Every teacher has two teacher pages already created, one is only visible for just the teacher which is a great place to bookmark commonly used teacher websites (Skyward, Staff Hub, Social Studies OneNote). The other page is for students, they will see any Teacher Pages that have been made visible to them in Clever.  Once your Teacher Page has been designed and the class resources added, set the page visibility to one or more classes or all students you teach.

Step 1: Design

Edit Your Page Title

Personalize Your Icon

Besides customizing the name and profile icon, consider adding a teacher announcement. Simply craft your message and click Post! You can decide whether or not to allow student replies by toggling the “Allow students to reply” button. Student replies are only visible to you.

Please note: Viewing teacher announcement data (student views and replies) supports teacher pages with less than 200 students shared.

Step 2: Add

Curate resources on your Teacher Page by adding resources, categories, and content. Click the green “Add” button at the bottom right-hand corner of your teacher page to add a new category, link, or an app. Categories organize your resources; consider making the first category titled “Our Classroom” with general information about your class with a spot for weekly assignments and a category for each subject area to organize your web links and apps. Select a category when you add resources to your page or organize them after the fact by dragging the apps into place. You may want to put the same app in more than one category, for example Actively Learn may land in both Literacy and Social Studies for your class, just add it twice!

New Category

Consider adding the following resources:

  • District-wide applications (Zearn, Seesaw)
  • School-based applications (RazKids, iReady)
  • Links to online tools (e.g. ClassKick, Flipgrid )
  • Weekly homework or assignment lists (shared with a link)



Step 3: Visibility

Once you’re ready to publish your page to make it visible to students, select the ‘Edit student sharing’ option to the left, and then select the appropriate student access.

Please note: At any time, student sharing can be modified to make the page inaccessible to students, or available only to students in certain classes. Select ‘Save’ and you are all set! 

To learn more about Clever Teacher Pages reach out to your Instructional Technology Specialist or you may visit the Clever Support Page.


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