K-5 Code.org Workshops

Did you students love their experience with Hour of Code? Are you ready to learn more? Join the over 80,000 teachers who have participated in the CS Fundamentals workshops. The majority of attendees say, ‘It’s the best professional development I’ve ever attended.’ In fact, 98% of attendees would recommend it to other teachers.


Teachers are invited to attend a workshop Saturday, February 8th from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm at the Living Computer Museum in Seattle. There is no cost to attend this training for Living Computers Educator Members. If you are an educator, you can enroll in this no-cost membership here. For those who choose not to enroll in a Living Computers Educator Membership, the cost is $20. You may enroll here for the Code.org intro workshop.

What can you expect at a workshop?

Gain new teaching strategies
Experience coding curriculum loved by students
Get peer support through a participant-centric approach
Learn and navigate our cohesive curriculum
Join an active community of CS educators

Check out our professional learning values for more information about our goals and approach to professional learning.

Already attend the intro workshop, but want to go deeper? Code.org has developed a Deep Dive training for teachers who have already attended the CS Fundamentals workshop and have experience teaching the online and unplugged lessons with students. This Saturday, January 11th there is a workshop at Edmond Heights Library in Edmonds, WA. Please use this link to find out more information and to enroll.

Code.org workshops are eligible for 6 STEM clock hours. Teachers in Issaquah may submit for tech compensation when they successfully complete either of these course offerings.

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