Take Seesaw To The Next “Level”

So you have been using Seesaw since the beginning of the year.  You have gotten your parents connected and they are able to see some of the wonderful learning that is going on in your classroom.  But maybe you as the teacher have been doing all the posting.  You have been really good at taking pictures of students in your class during different learning opportunities.  You are the one sending messages to your families.  This is a great way to use Seesaw in it’s most basic form.  However, there is so much more that can be done with Seesaw, and maybe you’re ready to dabble in the next “Level” of Seesaw use. Better yet, maybe you are ready to give your students more opportunity to make their own posts.  

Seesaw has a great Learning Level progression that is meant to build confidence in teachers and empower students to show there own learning.

Here is a quick look at these levels:

Level 1: Set up

At this level teachers are learning how download the Seesaw app on mobile devices, how to print their class code, and change password or class settings.  This level is where teachers will be when first exploring Seesaw.

Change Password

Level 2: Getting Started

At this level, teachers are doing most of the posting, using the photo or video tool mostly to show what learning is going on in the class.  Teachers often “live” at this level because it is a quick and easy way to capture student learning and a great way to communicate with families.

Teacher Classroom post

Level 3: Creating with Students

At this level, teachers start to explore the other Seesaw tools like the drawing, label, notes, and voice/video recording tools.  This level is also where teachers start to help students make their own posts.


Student Kindness post a

Level 4: Deepen Reflection

At this level, teachers explore formative insight tools to deepen student reflection and empowerment.  This is often done using the Activities function in Seesaw to assign tasks for students.  Also, teachers are consistently communicating with families using the Announcement tool.  Seesaw Activity a

Level 5: Integrate Daily

At this level, Seesaw has become a “verb” in the classroom.  Students want to “Seesaw” there learning to show there best work.  Also, teachers explore advanced features like using the Folder and Skills features to organize posts by content or learning standards.  Using the Seesaw Blog feature to collaborate with other classes and to share learning to a wider audience is an option at this level as well.


If you are ready to take your Seesaw usage to the next level, check out these resources that Seesaw has created:

Happy Seesawing!

Tool Bits Click Here - Seesaw

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