Seesaw Gets Drafty

Seesaw seems to always be looking for ways to help students show their learning.  They are also really good at listening to feedback from teachers, students, and parents when they have ideas for improving an already awesome tool.

One of the most often requested feature over the last few years is Drafts.  This featuer would give students the ability to save drafts of their work that they can come back to later instead of having to post a partially done post or starting over later.  

Well, according to their twitter account, @Seesaw, has just released that very feature on their premium accounts – Seesaw Plus and Seesaw for schools:

Drafts tweet seesaw

Thanks you for listening to your users, Seesaw!  It’s time to get “drafty”, everyone.  Happy Seesawing!

Want to learn more about Seesaw?  Click below.

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  1. Hurray!!!!


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