Seesaw: Go Big And Go Multi

Seesaw Has Gone Big!

And by big, I mean it has made it’s Creative Canvas full screen.  With this increase in space, the canvas allows for a ton of layering with the new expressive drawing tools, the photo tool that now allows you to add and move up to 25 photos freely, the label tool that makes it easy to add movable and easily manipulated labels, and the microphone tool that allows you to explain with your voice every creative thing you have done on that giant canvas. 

Old vs New Seesaw Canvas

Everything In One Place

What is also great about the new creative canvas is that everything is in one place.  Students no longer have to click multiple times to get to a tool they want to use.  It is all right there on the same screen.  Take a look at all the incredible things you can do in this space:

New Seesaw Creative Canvas (2)

“And one more thing…”

Not only has Seesaw gone big with its full screen creative canvas, but it went even further recently with the addition of Multi-pages.  That’s right! If you have Seesaw Plus or Seesaw for Schools, you can now create not just on one giant screen, but on up to 10 additional ones allowing students to be even more creative in showing their learning.

Add multipage

Seesaw Multipage 2

Seesaw’s Multi-page feature gives students even more space and more choice when creating and demonstrating their learning. With Multi-page, students have options to create more comprehensive, and robust posts to their journals.

Teachers can assign Multi-page activities, create Multi-page activity templates, and create announcements for students and families that include Multi-page posts.

Bill nye mind blown.gif

Check out these example videos created by Seesaw that showcase the newest features in different content areas:

Math Work


Find out more from Seesaw about the newest features here:

Creative Tools in Seesaw

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