Do More With QR Codes

QR codes can do a lot of different things, including easily distributing contact information, allowing you to direct students to videos and audio recordings, post tweets for you and lead them to cool and exciting places on the web. If you're interested in learning more about QR codes check out this article (or scan the ...


Have You Been Looking To Learn OneNote?

If learning OneNote has been on your to do list, look no further than Atomic Learning. Atomic Learning has an hour-long course on OneNote that will get you going on using this powerful tool to support your learning. You can log into and search for OneNote in Atomic Learning, or you can follow the links ...

Classroom Notebook Creator Just Got Better

Last week, Microsoft rolled out an add-in called The Class Notebook Add-in which makes managing Classroom Notebooks much easier for teachers. Features include the ability to distribute a page directly into a student's Student Notebook, rapid, sequential review of student work and one-click launch of the Classroom Notebook app. Read up on all the new ...


Two New Episodes of The New Tools!

We just posted our latest edition of The New Tools, an episode in which we meet our new Tech TOSA, Valerie Buck, discuss ensuring equity with BYOD and how tech can support diversity. Check out the show notes here. As a bonus, we also recorded an episode while we were down at the IntegratED Conference ...


A Better Browser!

Have you discovered Chrome extensions yet?  Extensions are exactly what they sound like -- they extend the performance of your browser. Why would you want an extension?  The extensions can be a quick and easy way to do something, say, block an ad, shorten a web address, or translate a document with the click of ...



This week's Ed Tech Tours takes a look at an app that takes a different approach to making pictures on your iPad. The app is called Assembly, and you can learn all about it by watching the video below.  


Future of the American Dream

On the eve of Super Tuesday, and at the beginning of a pivotal year in our political system, the idea of thinking about the future of our country is certainly relevant and timely. Brian David Johnson, a futurist by trade, and professor at Arizona State University, was inspired by the political moment, as well as ...


Enjoy Break!

Read up on the physics of the video.


Post-It Plus

  Join us as we check out Post-It Plus, an iOS App that lets you organize information or ideas using post-it notes and then slurp them (Tron style) into the app and onto digital board. It's a simple but powerful tool that bridges the gap between the analog and digital world, allowing ultimate manipulation.


The New Tools: Unplugging and Making Movies

A new episode of The New Tools is up and this fortnight we're exploring how to when to throttle back on using tech. We also invited Eric Ensey, a leadership and Humanities teacher at Pine Lake Middle School, to join our discussion of why making movies can be a powerful part of any classroom. For ...

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