Cool Bits: Lego Drones

Drones seem to be everywhere these days.

The people at Flybrix thought that pairing drone building with Legos a perfect fit to capture creativity and development of engineering principles in kids and adults alike.

For about $150, Flybrix sells a kit of Legos and drone parts that can attach to Lego sets. Users can choose to control their builds with an app on their phone, or for a little more get an analog remote control that pairs with the Flybrix circuit board.

home-hero-product-imageLegos are a staple in STEM and STEAM education, so this looks like a great way to add to your teaching tool box.

We imagine this will also be a big gift request in December, so if you have a tinkerer on your shopping list, get on board soon.

Find out more at*

*Please note that ISD is not currently funding purchase of Flybrix.

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