Tech Tool: Remind

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Looking for an effective tool to help communicate with students while protecting their privacy? Give Remind a try.

Remind is web tool and app that allows teachers to send text message and email reminders to students and parents, all the while maintaining student privacy.

Teachers can use remind to message students about class time ending when they’re working in the halls, remind them about important deadlines, updates to their classroom website, and much more. Students are able to choose to receive messages via text or email.

remindStudents’ names are provided, but not their contact information – a safe and easy way to get them reminders that they actually get (instead of email – which they never seem to check!)

Parents can also sign up if they want to know what’s going on in the class – just post the information to your website or show it a Curriculum Night!

A special thanks to Kristin Bennett, a science teacher and Ed Tech Lead at Skyline High School for passing along this Tech Tool.

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