Save the Date

ITP 2017 Launch Poster.jpg

We are excited to announce that we will be doing ITP  Launch again this year.

ITP Launch is a chance for teachers curious about ITP, and about how to make their applications stronger to come and learn about ITP and the application process.

Attendees at ITP Launch will learn what ITP is all about, and all the great things the program has to offer. Additionally, teachers at ITP Launch will get tips and tricks for making a formidable application.

This year we are offering Launch on two different dates.

Our first launch will be on November 8, with a meeting for secondary (3:15 – 4) and a meeting for elementary teachers (4:30-5:15.) Our second Launch will be on December 12, with a meeting for secondary teachers at 3:15 and a meeting for elementary teachers at 4:30.

Interested in finding out more about ITP? Click here.

For questions about ITP Launch (or just about ITP) please email Joshua Moore.


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