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I am an Instructional Technology Specialist supporting BLMS, PLMS, IMS, PCMS, and SHS. I love collaborating and working with teachers on how best to integrate technology into their curriculum to create a dynamic learning experience for students. I am very excited to be a part of such a dynamic team and innovative district. I look forward to learning more about the Microsoft world and how to integrate Teams and One Note into a classroom setting. I also hope to support my schools with my knowledge of iPad use in the classroom, Project/Problem Based Learning through the Innovative Designer lens, and exciting ways of meeting the ISTE standards. You can contact me at 425-837-7172 or email me at

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ABC’s of Microsoft Forms

  Are you ready to try Forms? It is a great way to digitize and grade a quiz, survey or poll students, or even create a submission for gathering digital projects or work. Here are some of the ABC’s of Microsoft Forms: A: Add a picture or logo to format your header and theme. B: Branching options ...

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What’s New to Actively Learn

Features:  Have you logged into Actively Learn lately? There were some interface changes as of August including an updated Workspace, a search feature for navigating your content and the Actively Learn content, importing options including Google Docs and PDFs, a new options menu (three dots) for editing and updating current assignments, as well as the ability ...

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Office 365 Immersive Reader Dyslexia Awareness Month

Immersive Reader is a part of the Office Learning Tools meant to support students with dyslexia and dysgraphia. Word (online) and One Note allow students to read in the Immersive Reader view, which offers a full-screen reading experience with additional visual options. In the online version of both Word and One Note select the “View” ...

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Actively Learn for Visual and Hearing Accommodations

As teachers, we are often looking for technology to help us address the individual needs of our students or that offer easy to use support strategies for students with accommodations. Actively Learn can support students in a variety of ways. Students can choose specific sections of a text to have read aloud or even use ...

Outlook Calendar: An Introduction

Outlook Calendar offers a variety of ways to support organization and planning. It can be used for your personal (school) use, or you could use it as a communication tool with your colleagues. The Calendar can be accessed directly from your Outlook whether using the desktop version or online version. Some of the features that ...

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Close Read with Actively Learn

Here is a new way to use Actively Learn to develop complex Close Reading skills. First, duplicate an assignment. Then on each version, embed different notes and questions to support each round of reading. On round one, students can look for words they do not understand and define them as you read the text with ...

Use Seesaw In Your Classroom This Year

Beginning this year, all elementary schools in the Issaquah School district will have access to Seesaw for Schools! Seesaw gives students creative tools to capture and reflect on their learning – in real time.