Personalizing your O365 Dashboard

Office 365 allows several ways to personalize your dashboard (launcher), whether through changing the theme or adding apps. First, to personalize your dashboard use the settings icon (gear) in the upper right corner when you are logged in to Office 365. Choosing this will immediately show different theme options. Recently added are more elaborate themes such as Rainbow and Unicorn. 

Your dashboard is also where you can easily access recent files, OneDrive folders, and even SharePoint sites (Teams). For your recent items, you can choose to see it as a list of tiles, depending on your preference. For documents, files, OneNote, that you access often, consider pinning it. You can then access it quickly from the “pinned” tab on your dashboard. 

Your O365 dashboard is also a great place to link apps attached to your Microsoft login. From the launcher you can click “All apps” to see what apps are available. This will launch any app associated with your account. You can also add apps that you use regularly by to your dashboard home screen. Click on the waffle icon in the upper left corner and then choose “All apps.” From here you can see the list of apps associated with your account. Click on the 3 dots to pin to the launcher. Some apps that you might consider adding are Flipgrid, Actively Learn, Padlet, Kahoot!, etc. Similar to Classlink or Clever, your O365 dashboard could become a one place stop on your daily routine. 

Office 365 core tools logo

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