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As you are wrapping up the school year this is a great time to think about what went well and next steps for the upcoming school year. I know, you are waiting for summer to arrive, but right now everything is fresh in your mind so it is a great time to reflect. 

While you are pondering next year’s curriculum and changes you might be making, keep in mind that Actively Learn has an abundant array of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and videos. While you can pick and choose in order to supplement your curriculum, you can also find text pairings (ELA) or knowledge sets (Social Studies and Science) already created in Actively Learn. 

For example, 8th graders study the Gettysburg Address. Actively Learn has a knowledge set prepared with three sources. Students can evaluate the different texts which include background info, the Gettysburg Address, and an Editorial written in 1863. Videos, pictures, questions, and notes are already embedded in the texts but are easily editable to better fit your content and classroom discussions. 

science text set

Science knowledge set offers a variety of texts for a classroom discussion.

Another way to ponder using text parings in Language Arts. ELA text pairings include a copious supply of supplemental materials and this would be a perfect opportunity to try creating groups. Assigning each group the main text, a short story, a non-fiction piece, poem and/or a video. They can then report back to the class how their supplemental readings affected their perception of the story, understanding of character, and start making text-to-text connections. 

So, as you eagerly anticipate summer, don’t forget to check out how Actively Learn can enhance your curriculum next year. 

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