Actively Learn Easy Sign-on

Did you know that you and your students can access Actively Learn directly from Classlink or Clever and signs in automatically?

Often, we are afraid to try a new product because getting there and getting in poses a challenge. Having Actively Learn conveniently available through the apps students are already using, makes it that much easier to use.  Actively Learn provides so many great features to help support our students who might be struggling with language acquisition or offer differentiation options for students who require modifications. Some of the features to help support our ELL students and our struggling readers include language translation, vocab lookup, read aloud, extra help support, and note-taking.

Another feature is the ability to see, by student, how many times they used any of these features. To check out more on each of these features check out the other Actively Learn tool bits! As always, if you would like help getting started, please contact your Ed Tech TOSA.

Actively Learn more tools

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