The New Look of Actively Learn & Canvas Integration

Actively Learn got a facelift and has some key differences in how it will interact with Canvas, so Actively Learn users keep on reading!

Changes to be aware of

  1. You will still create your assignment in Actively Learn, but you will need to add it to Canvas as an external tool assignment yourself. Once you choose Actively Learn from the external tool choice you will see the list of current assignments to choose.
  2. Navigating content is from the main dashboard and the options at the top.
  3. Actively Learn Main Menu is found in the upper left corner 3 lines, this is where you will want to choose a class to view more information.
  4. Open the main menu and choose a class to see class specific information including: roster, assignments, gradebook, student data, class date.
  5. Class settings is now a stationary sidebar menu when viewing a class.
  6. Syncing grades to Canvas is found from accessing a course in your left Main Menu, selecting a course and using the course menu “Gradebook”.
Default menu options for Actively Learn. You have access to your content, ISD district library, and Actively Learn content.
The course menu options are available once accessing a course from the main menu.
You will find the Sync grades with Canvas from the course menu “Gradebook.”

What is still the same

  1. You will create your courses in Actively Learn by selecting + “Add new class”, then Import Courses From Canvas.
  2. Students will be rostered through Canvas by accessing an assignment you have created directing them to Actively Learn or Actively Learn from your course navigation.
  3. Students will need to have their ISD email as the primary email in Canvas for their Actively Learn account to be made correctly.
  4. You can assign to your courses from the assignment tile or after opening it to preview the assignment. See above on how to assign it in Canvas.
  5. Grading will still happen in Actively Learn and grades will be synced back to Canvas

For more on Actively Learn or Canvas, check out our other BNP posts. For help with using either tool, please contact your Ed Tech TOSA!

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