Canvas Student Assignment Enhancements

You may see a green icon appearing on your students’ assignments and wonder what it is and how did it get there. This was a feature added last year that we recently turned on.

What it does

The Student Assignment Enhancement allows students to monitor their progress within an individual assignment. It tracks which attempt they are on (if multiple are available), if they are “in progress”, have “submitted” or need to “review feedback.” As soon as they open the assignment to view it, they will be “in progress.”

Once completed and returned they will see the option to review their feedback and resubmit if required.

If allowed to submit multiple attempts, students can use the drop-down option to toggle between the assignment submissions once they have multiple attempts.

What your students see

Your student will open the assignment and see that they are in progress:

Once they have finished the assignment, they will submit (get some confetti) and then see they have moved on in their progress.

The assignment will remain in this state until graded. Once graded, they will then see the option to review feedback.

If available, it will have a “Try again” option in the bottom of the review screen. Or if they access it directly from grades or assignments, students will see a resubmit option.

Learn more

If you would like to know more about this feature, check out the Canvas guide:

What is Assignment Enhancements?

As always, for more support, please contact your Ed Tech Lead or Ed Tech TOSA.

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