Outlook Add-In’s

Office Add-ins might be one of the most overlooked features of Office. They can be added to any of the office suite (Word, Excel, PPT, and Outlook). We covered some of the add-in options for PowerPoint, but what about Outlook!

Outlook add-ins can make your communication more engaging with Emojis or it can add productivity features such as Boomerang or Wunderlist.

Let’s look at some of the apps that might be useful for your Outlook experience. *Note some require additional sign-in or account creation.

Boomerang logo
Boomerang: Schedule emails to send later, track responses (or lack of responses), schedule meetings and more. Has Basic (free) and Pro options.


Evernote logo

Evernote: Organize your email into a notebook and to-do list. Can access Evernote on any device it is installed.


Wunderlist logo

Wunderlist: Create tasks from emails and share lists via email. 



OnePlaceMail Logo
OnePlaceMail: Save email attachments from Outlook directly to SharePoint and Teams


And for those of you who like to express yourself and bring a smile to someone’s face consider these add-ins:

Emojis Logo
Emojis: Add emojis to your emails…nuff said.


GIPHY logo
Giphy: Add GIFs to your emails


To explore more apps, check out the Microsoft App Store

Office 365 core tools logo

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