Brain Pop: Make-a-Movie and Draw About It

A few weeks ago, we shared that BrainPOP is now available on Clever accounts for K-5 teachers and students. If you missed this news, check out the details here!

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With the new access through Clever, we have additional features for students to show what they know about the vast content available on BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. Two creative assessment tools that teachers can assign to their students are Make-a-Movie and Word Play.

Brain Pop Make-a-Movie (grades 3-5)

make a movie iconLook for the Make-a-Movie icon in the assignment builder to give your students the opportunity to use their creativity to show what they know. Within Make-a-Movie, students have the choice of responding to a letter that is already started or answer one of their own questions in true Tim and Moby style. Images and backgrounds from the movie are readily available for students to remix into their own blockbuster. The Brain Pop Educator Site has teaching materials to scaffold the process,  Step By Step Guide and Vidcode Rubric are two resources that you can customize and print for students. Watch this screen cast with your students for a concise preview of the Make-a-Movie experience!

Word Play and Draw About It (grades K-2)

Annie and Moby learn about all sorts of primary topics from habitats to compound words in the Brain Pop Junior movies. Now teachers can assign a creative way to see what students have learned. With Word Play students may explore vocab words from the video in three different ways: Draw, Write, or Act. All with read aloud ! Draw About it reads the prompt aloud in gives a variety of tools for students to respond. When their drawing is finished they are encouraged to show their work to a friend!


Want more kernels? Here is a playlist of videos under 2 minutes where you can get teaching tips and suggestions, or try this link to explore fun printables, clipart, and certificates. Your ISD Instructional Technology Specialists are also happy to help out. Click here to find out which one supports your school!

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