Spice up PPT with active hyperlinks, add-ins, and animations!

Ready to take PowerPoint to the next level? Try incorporating more interactive elements such as hyperlinks (Jeopardy anyone?). By editing your PowerPoint in the desktop version, you can add links right within the presentation to other slides. Templates are often available (for free or purchase) but may not have the game or content you are looking for. Interactive elements are easier to create than you might think.

Now is a great time to explore the Office Add-ins and find that perfect addition to create awesome PowerPoints. Consider using Pixton which allows you to add comic characters right into your PPT. Choose your character and even add a speech bubble for directions. Go a little further by adding an animation to your character (walk them across the classroom).

Looking to create something for math? GeoGebra will add interactive math content right in your PPT. Or as my favorite Free Tech  Teacher bloggers Richard Byrne shares, PhET for PPT, an add-in that provides interactive math and science simulations.

If you are just looking for fun and creative elements, try Emoji Keyboard, Haiku Deck, or Pick Me. For interactive polling, you can add Mentimeter, Poll Everywhere, or Slido.

Needless to say, there is a lot to do with PowerPoint and we often on explore the surface. For more help or ideas on how to spice up your PowerPoint, ask your Ed Tech TOSA.

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