Using Seesaw’s QR Code Feature To Create Interactive Displays

Did you know that every post created in Seesaw can have a QR code generated that can be printed and displayed as part of an interactive classroom bulletin board or hallway display?  Basically, Seesaw posts can be printed with a QR code that then can be scanned to hear or see a recorded message about that post.  This could be a great way to showcase whole class projects, art or historical people “walks”, and so much more.


The first step in creating one of these awesome interactive displays is to create folders in Seesaw for students to place work that will be included.  Make sure your class is set (using the class settings wrench) so that students can add items to folders on their own.  It is helpful to turn on the “Show Add To Folder Step” to basically force students to organize new posts into subjects or content areas. It is important to set the expectation that students add every item to at least one folder and sometimes more than one.  A pro tip to make sure the interactive display folder is at the top of the folder list is to place a period in front of the folder name.  This “bumps” the folder to the top of the list.

To find out more about folders, see the previous Seesaw ToolBits post, Creating and Using Folders in Seesaw.

Getting The CR Codes

The next step is to get the QR codes for the items that are to be part of the interactive display.  Every seesaw post can be printed with this QR code and this can be done in two ways by tapping on the three dots under any post.

Method 1: Printing QR Code with Image in the Center

This method can only be done on the web using a laptop of desktop computer.  At the bottom right of each post there are three dots. When you click here, a menu appears giving you the option to “Get QR Item Code”.  This gives you the code with an image of the Seesaw post in the middle. This can then be printed or saved to be pasted into another digital tool like Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs, or Google Slides. This method is great if you want just the code but still want to be able to differentiate which post it is.


Method 2: Printing a PDF With The QR Code Included

This method can be done on the web or iOS device using the Seesaw app.  Going to the same three dots at the bottom of any post, you choose the “Print” option.  This creates an 8.5 x 11 inch print out of the post and includes the QR code at the bottom.  By going this route, you get a larger picture of the post as well as a QR code that can be cut out and pasted anywhere on the display.

And One More Thing…

The reason why it is important to have students tag items with into a folder is because instead of having to go to every single post to get a QR code for the interactive display, you can go to the folder where all of the wanted posts are, and print every single post with one click.

Using Seesaw QR Codes for interactive Displays takes the posts that your students are proud of and displays them in a way for others  are connected to the class to see and year about those posts.  From “Get “To Know You” to Art Walks, to Book Talks, this is a great way for your class to show their learning in a unique way.

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