The Fine Art of Conversations In Teams

One of the things that makes Teams great is the ability to have conversations around the various files and documents shared to a channel.

You can just post messages (great for questions or brainstorming) or you can add files and build conversations around those files. Files uploaded are automatically added to the Files tab in that channel.

When working in the conversations tab it is important to remember that you have two options.

One option is to continue the conversation around a message posted by clicking the reply button at the bottom of the message. This keeps the conversation threaded around that specific post.

Another option is to add a message or start a new topic. To do this you should click in the box at the bottom that says ‘Start a new conversation.’ This will create a separate and distinct thread.


Conversations are different from chats because they are visible to everyone in a channel and not private. Documents shared in a conversation automatically become part of the Files tab in that file.

Follow the steps below to get conversing around important ideas and topics in your class.

Post a message

To post a message, select the Conversation tab from any channel.

Then, select the icon with the A to expand your compose box and see your text options. Use the tools to edit your post or add an attachment, gif, or emoji. Select the paper airplane icon to send your post or press Enter on your keyboard.

If you decide to edit or delete your post, select the More options  … icon.

Reply to a message

To reply to a message, select the Reply button underneath the message you’re responding to. This will ensure that your message gets included in the conversation thread, and that the other people participating in the thread will be notified. Type your message in the box and press Enter or select the paper airplane icon to send it.

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