Actively Learn: Where did their class go?

You have the perfect lesson prepared, most students are happily engaged and working, and then pops up a hand! “I can’t see the class.”  And you can’t find it either! It’s not you, their class likely did “disappear.” Perhaps they have disappeared from your roster of students or even more confusing, they are still showing on your roster of students! How is this possible? Our often mischievous and click-happy students might accidentally hide their class or even unenroll!

Here are the steps to follow in order to “un-hide” the class.

  • Make sure the student is logged into Actively Learn
  • On the left side navigation there will be an icon like an open file box and arrow (see picture below)
  • Click this “un-hide classes” icon and now all hidden class will appear in a pop-up window
  • Select the class and “un-hide”
  • Your student can now happily complete the assignment and future assignments

    Actively Learn info

    Note the open box icon, click this to find hidden classes.

If a student has accidentally unenrolled themselves from your class, you can add them back with these simple steps:

  • From your Actively Learn, find the class they need to join
  • Access the class join code from the “roster” tab
  • Have the student use the + icon (add the class)
  • They will input the code and are now ready to work

Let us know if there are other common situations that arise when using tech and we will address them in our blog posts.

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