Creating and Using Folders in Seesaw

So, you have been using Seesaw with your students for a bit now.  Things are going great! However, the more posts are made, the longer the class journal scroll gets. You may be finding it difficult to find a post as it gets pushed farther and further down the list as newer posts are added. Well, there is a great way to manage Seesaw posts by using the Folder feature.  Using folders to organizing student work by subject matter or learning objective can make it much easier to find the posts later on.  Folders are visible to teachers, students and families who have been invited to your class. There are two main ways to create folders in Seesaw.

Method 1: Through Class Settings

  • Tap or click the wrench icon in the top right corner. Seesaw Wrench
  • Scroll to the Folders section and select manage folders.
  • Select the “Create a Folder” button
  • Create a folder name (ex. Math, Reading, Social Studies, etc.)
  • Select a color for each folder.
  • Tap of click the green check mark when finished.

Seesaw Folders Creation

Method 2: Selecting The Folder Icon Next To Class Journal

  • Tap or click the folder icon next to the Class Journal
  • Select Manage Folders
  • Select the “Create a Folder” button
  • Create a folder name (ex. STEAM, Wow Work, ect.)
  • Select a color for each folder.
  • Tap of click the green check mark when finished.

Create folders 2

If you want to make sure a student is organizing posts into folders every time a new post is created, you can change settings so that the “Show Add to Folder Step” comes up for students as well as teachers when a post is ready to be added Seesaw.

Show add to Folder Step

Finally, posts can always be organized into folders after they have been added.  To do this, select the folder icon below the post. Then select the folder that corresponds with the type of post it is.

You can find out more about creating and using folders in Seesaw by going to Seesaw’s Help Center website.  While you are there check out all the other ways to take your Seesaw class to the next level.  Happy Seesawing!

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  2. Hi! Could you tell me if there is a way to delete a folder on Seesaw or how to rename a folder. As well, is there a maximum number of folders available for use?

    Thank you! I cannot find these answers anywhere.


    1. you can change the name or delete a folder by going to class settings (the wrench in the top right of your Seesaw class) and select Manage Folders.


  3. Matthew Mansbach June 15, 2020 at 1:40 pm

    Where do students or parents find specific subject folders?


    1. Folders are created by the teacher and can be named anything. So a teacher may have set up subject folders like math, literacy, social, studies, PE., etc. Once a post is tagged with a specific folder, anyone can click on the folder icon in the class journal and see all the items that have been tagged into that folder. Also, you can see what folder(s) an item has been tagged in because it is listed on the bottom left of the post near where comments are also listed. Hope that helps.


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